b-foam® Process

EPS Beads raw material is filled into the pre-expand machine, where the beads are heated and steamed to expand them to the desired densities.

After the expanding process, the expanded EPS Beads will flow out from the output gate and enter the fluidized bed.

After the process of expanding and fluidizing EPS bead is completed, the Beads is stored inside silos for aging process. EPS will be left alone for at least 4 hours. This process have to be done so the blowing agent can escape replaced by oxygen entering into EPS beads pores.

The EPS beads then routed into the blocking machine to be moulded into blocks through heating and pressuring process so the EPS beads will fuse against each other to form a dense block at a specific density. Then the blocks have to be let alone again to lower the water content in the final aging process.